March 16, 2018

Four Words, before you start.

For each other, of each other. This statement is more than enough for a lifetime. The effort and the pain, Jack puts into his love for Rose is a symbol of devotion, passion and emotion.

How can it be that when Jack, who wholeheartedly puts in every effort to make his love for Rose eternal, and yet struggles to fill in the holes. Why he feels that it’s however incomplete when Rose herself feels overwhelmed by the gestures Jack always gives her. It is a lot for Rose to even put in all her thought and yet it’s incomplete for Jack, who is again in the struggle of filling his life with love. His situation is the fact of life. The sentence where the importance of survival isn’t essential but the survival of heart is of utmost prominence. We aren’t the ones to set goals and figure the level of emotions and emotion we put into the life of our loved one. We are only the survivors of life who just wait long enough to have a love in our lives in the name of Jack and Rose.

We may not even be there or might not even reach that level. But we will always keep on fighting and keep on winning wars when it comes to love. We shall strive to be at least a percent of what Jack gives and in return expects not much but just a smile. This is the life I would want, and this is the way I would live.

You may take my brains and my form. You may peel my skin and my worth, but you can never take my heart and my soul because it’s for each other and of each other.

Hardik Nanji Gada (The proud father of Ankita’s twins, MYRA and MEHAAN)